There are multiple variables that come into play in the dubbing process such as the style of the piece, the register of the language, the tone of voice, the cultural context, and technological equipment. At Ditto Communications, we work hand in hand with our clients to establish a clear roadmap and orientate the work performed by our professionals. At our company, we believe it is of utmost importance to ensure that your message is transmitted in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

During the dubbing process, the first phase is the transcription of the video. The file is translated and adapted to the target language. The next stage is the recording stage, which is supervised by one of our sound technicians. In the final stage, the recorded audio file is edited and our experts mix the recordings and adapt them to your video.

We also provide voice-over services, which include the narration of a character that does not appear in the video. This resource is used to explain a scene or narrate an event.

We have identified a number of companies that provide dubbing services in a way that may appear unnatural or inadequate. To avoid these issues, we work closely with the client to choose the best voice and style for the project.

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