Equipment rental for interpretation

Our company works closely with providers of simultaneous interpretation equipment to cover your events. It is important to hire the right kind of equipment for your conference, taking into account the number of attendees and characteristics of the venue. At Ditto Comunicaciones we plan ahead for every eventuality to make sure that you have the perfect equipment for your audience.

For conferences we recommend that you use a sound-proof interpretation booth, a console, transmitters, receivers, as well as a technician that can install and manage the equipment on the day of the event.

If you require translation on tour or on the go, we have access to portable, light-weight equipment in the form of transmitters and receivers, which can be carried around easily.

The use of equipment is recommended to ensure that your event runs smoothly and on-time. With the use of this equipment, interpretation can be provided in real-time. Without this equipment, your events may take twice as long as intended.

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