Subtitle translation

Subtitling is a form of translation that requires the ability to synthesize spoken language into a small amount of text. The translator must be able to grasp the main message and transmit it in the most concise way possible, without losing the essence of the message. Our linguists have hundreds of hours of experience between them and use technology to make their work more efficient.

We work arduously to provide high level content that is precise and efficient and follows international subtitling conventions. If you would like to subtitle your videos, you can send us the language pair, the number of hours to be translated and request a quote now.

Once the subtitles are ready, we can either provide you with an Srt. File containing the time stamps or embed the subtitles on your video. If you choose to work with us, we will assign your task to native linguists that understand the nuances of the target language and transmit the message of your video in a clear and concise manner.

Send us a WhatsApp message and request your quote now!


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